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 Coalition Rising Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Coalition Rising Clan Rules    Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:31 am

General Rules
-16+ Age Limit.
-No Clan Hoppers.
-No Leaches - try keep donations on a 1:5 ratio.
-Donate the Requested Troops, If nothing is specified Archers and Wizards are default
-If you do not specify in your troop request then don't get mad when you get random troops ( Trolling is a norm In CR ) Shocked
-No Racist Shit period !! Evil or Very Mad
-Have Fun and don't stress, its a phone game.

War Rules
-Make sure to opt in/out for war. We don't have time to ask who is in or out for war.
-Make sure you use BOTH ATTACKS in war whether we win or lose and try attack early. Its a Team effort.
-Free for all is usually from 8pm. Leadership can call an early free for all.
-Stars 1st Loot 2nd when its free for all.
-Attack your opposite number in war map.
-Ask your clan mate if you can have a go at his opposite before free all.

- Miss an attack in war. 1 Warning , Kick on next offence
- Attack a fellow clan mates number without asking and they object. 1 Warning per offense. Kick on 3rd
- Post racist/sexist/extremist views in clan chat. 1 Warning or Kick depending on severity
- Being idle in clan chat and in war for too long without a valid reason. 1 Warning.Kick on next offence
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Coalition Rising Clan Rules
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